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Material Safety Data Sheets

Section 1: Product and Company Identification
Product: Perth WPC system
PERTH Wood Plastic Composite Co., Ltd. Add: RM901, 9th Floor, Textile Building No.482 East ZhongShan Road, Nanjing, China Tel: 0086-025-86915231, 86915232
Effect Date:
Update Date:
April, 2003
Section 2: Composition, Information on Ingredients
Component Name: Composition Amount Wood Fiber(Sawdust): 50-60% Polyethylene: 40-50% Harmless Chemical Additive:5%
Section 3: Hazards Identification
In normal use, the product is not hazardous. However, this product may be cut or finished in ways which produce wood dust fibers. Certain wood fibers are considered hazardous if the airborne concentration exceeds the OSHA or ACGIH exposure limits for long periods of time. Exposure to such fibers is considered unlikely with this product; all sawdust in the board is fully stabilized in the plastic resin matrix.
Section 4: Emergency and First Aid Procedures
Inhalation: This material is not expected to present an inhalation hazard.
Flush sawdust or fines from eyes with water; if irritation occurs, obtain medical attention.
Skin: This material is not expected to present a skin contact hazard.
No adverse affects expected from ingestion.
Section 5: Fire and Explosion Data
Flash Point: Greater than 698F.
Upper Explosive Limit: Not Determined
Lower Explosive Limit: Not Determined
Auto Ignition Temperature:
Estimated to be greater than 734F.
Extinguishing Media:
Dry Chemical, Water Fog, Foam, Carbon Dioxide. Special Fire Fighting Procedures: Dense smoke emitted when burned without sufficient oxygen. Possible dust explosion if fines accumulate. Wear standard fire fighting attire (as for fighting a wood fire), including SCBA gear in enclosed areas. NEPA Hazard ID: Health:0 Flammability:1 Reactivity:0
Section 6: Spills and Disposal Notification Procedures
Land Spill: Material should be swept up and discarded.
Water Spill:
Clean up and discard or reuse.
Waste Disposal:
Dispose of in accordance with local regulations. No special procedures required.
Section 7: Handling and Storage Handling
  Perth WPC is heavier than normal wood. Lift carefully. Storage: Support every two feet on a flat surface. Store away from strong oxidizing agents or combustible materials.
Section 8: Protective Measures
Ventilation: Use in well ventilated area.
Respiratory Protection:
An approved respirator may be needed in areas with a high accumulation of fines.
Eye protection:
Wear safety glasses with side shields when sawing or installing.
Skin protection: No special precautions needed.
Section 9: Physical Data Appearance and Odor
Slight hardwood odor.
Boiling Point:
Solubility in Water:
Vapor Pressure:
Freezing Point:
Vapor Density:
Percent Volatile: Negligible
Specific Gravity: 1.00-1.15 g/cm3
Section 10: Reactivity Stability
This material is stable.
Conditions to Avoid:
Heat and flame
Materials to Avoid: Strong oxidizing agents
Combustion Products: Hazardous Polymerization: Will not occur.
The following combustion products may be generated: carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, water vapor, trace VOC's, Formic Acid, Acetic Acid.
Section 11: Toxicological Data
  Exposure Limit of Material Not established LD50 of Material Not established Carcinogenity of Material None (wood dusts are fully stabilized in the polymer matrix)
Section 12: Ecological Considerations
  This material has not been tested for environmental effects.
Section 13: Disposal Considerations
  Dispose of as normal refuse.
Section 14: Transport Information
This material is not regulated by DOT.
  NEPA Hazard ID: Health:0 Flammability: 1 Reactivity: 0
Section 15: Regulatory Information
Contact Person: PERTH Wood Plastic Composites Co., Ltd.

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