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PVC Product Advantages
1.Outstanding weather-proof -- Service life is not less than 10 years.It use ASA(unique,extremely weather-proof,ageing-resistant material) co-extruded process.It is verified by ASA manufacturers’practice.It shows good applicability under various weather conditions in Russia,Chinese Inland,Chinese South-East coastal areas,South-East Asia.

2.Scratch-proof—Its surface has the co-extruded ASA material that has the excellent scratch-proof ability. The users do not worry about scratch problems caused by desks,benches and chairs when it is used as indoor and outdoor deckings. 
3. Colorful,novel personality and durable stabilization. It has the excellent anti-UV ability. It has the smooth surface and good acid and alkali resistance so it will not mould and rot under any environments.It looks like a new one after the rain.

4. Good fireproof ability—PVC hard board conforms to the national fire resistance requirements of roofing materials. It reaches nonflammable grade standard. It can delay the fire spreading efficiently.

5. Recycling,environmental protection,economy.

6. Good skid resistance -- Its skin friction force become stronger by aftertreatment such as embossing, sanding and wiredrawing.Then it has the excellent skid resistance. Its skid resistance can permanently maintain by matching up with its excellent scratch-proof and wear-resisting property.

7. Excellent waterproofness – We can design the waterproof layer according to the range of application.Its closed type design maintains good waterproof effect when it is used outdoors.

8. Good sound insulation—The cellular material of the core can decay the sound energy by the friction of the sound in porous wall. Then it has the sound absorption effect.

9. Convenient construction – It has the fastest mat formation and the lowest construction cost. It has large area in light weight so that it is easy to be carried. It can be nailed, sawed,drilled and planed directly as the wood.

10. Thermal insulation and heat preservation – Its raw material design determines low heat conductivity coefficient of the product. It can be used as heat preservation and thermal insulation material.